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F words in the biker community vocabulary (that are acceptable to use)

Morning Biker Friends & Friends of Bikers,

Yesterday I realized that between my husband and I, well lets be honest-we use a lot of F words.

There is that one F word and its variations as a noun, verb, adverb, adjective and so on

but truthfully there are F words and terms in the biker community vocabulary that are perfectly acceptable to use without losing your quarters to the swear jar.

Here are some F words heard in my garage

Fast Riding Award-Speeding Ticket

Fiddly Bits-Those chrome do-dads all over saddle bags and seats.

Fishtail-Flared exhaust tip that resembles a fish’s tail.

Flying Colors-Riding while wearing the club/organization’s colors

Frankenbike-A motorcycle made up of or built from many different makes/models/years.

Freedom-The power to act, think or do without restraint or hinderance

Free Rider-Someone who shares the same ideas as a club but doesn’t belong to one

Front Door-Leader of a group ride

What other F words might be heard in your garage or when you're out riding?

Wishing you all a FABULOUS FEBRUARY!

Much Love & Respect,

Angelina/Owner Biker Boutique


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