• Angelina Blankschen

2020 The year of WTH

If your year started out like mine where I was another year older, but a little more wiser, had a list of things I wanted to see and do including visiting with friends and family, promises to myself to take better self care, eat healthier and of course get some wind therapy on both 2 and 4 wheels, well for the most part, all of that went straight to H E double hockey sticks.

Due to COVID 19 I did not vend at any events this year. This has always been the priority and mission of Biker Boutique, my charity based small business. For over 7 years I had the opportunity to take Biker Boutique on the road where I have met some of the most sincere and generous people, many from the biker community but also veterans groups, civic organizations and ordinary people doing extraordinary things for others. I really missed this , second to visiting my family on a regular basis.

I'll be updating merchandise on the website for the Fall 2020 collection including American Made apparel from Liberty Wear. Also, I can be found on TikTok so if you're on there , tag me #bikerboutique I love seeing people in real moments especially funny ones.

Much Love & Respect as always,


Contact Phone: (860) 997-0569

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